Vision & Core Values

Our Vision

To be authentic followers of Jesus Christ, from our community to yours.

Salt and Light Core Values

Saturation: The good news of Jesus Christ, what we call the Gospel saturates our lives. It informs and forms who we are, what we say, and what we do. By the power of this good news, what is wrong in our world will be made right. We seek to join God in His mission to restore His creation from its brokenness, beginning with us individually.

Connection: The Gospel shows us that people matter. We value people for who they are because each person is magnificently created in God’s image. We strive to form real connections with people wherever they are at and diminish the things that break down relationships.

Generosity: God demonstrated incredible generosity to us in the giving of his son. So we commit to giving our lives freely to others as a reflection of God’s grace and mercy revealed to us. We desire to be generous with all that God has given us—our money, time, talents, strength, emotions, and more—in order to be a blessing to others