Catalyst Group

What is Catalyst Group

A Catalyst Group is a building block of the Salt and Light community. It is an environment where we are committed to each other and to living out Salt and Light’s core values: saturation, connection, and generosity. We chose the term “catalyst” because of its emphasis on change. A Catalyst Group is a small group where heart transformation takes place. We will unravel Salt and Light’s vision through discussions and service, altogether learning what it means to authentically follow Christ in our culture and local community.

Current Catalyst Groups: Parkway Group (Tuesday), FISH group (Wednesday), Friday Group (Friday), Women’s CG

Should I join a Catalyst Group?

This is a personal decision which involves many facets. Prayerfully consider if you are able to commit the time and emotion to a Catalyst Group. Here are a few questions to consider first:

• Are you able to make time in your schedule to attend regular gatherings?
• Are you willing to commit to journeying with a group of people toward greater maturity in Jesus Christ?
• Are you willing to discover with a group of people where to join him in his work and activity in a local community or perhaps the wider world?

We will attempt to limit the size of the groups because we respect and value the intimacy and trust established by a Catalyst Group.

What is the difference between a Catalyst Group and a Bible study?

How do I join a Catalyst Group?

How can I be involved if I am unable to join a Catalyst Group?

If a Catalyst Group is currently not open to you or if you’re unable to make the scheduled times, there are many different venues for you to join in fellowship, meet people, and serve in the community. Here’s a glimpse of some of those various venues.

• Weekly fellowship dinners in Chinatown
• Sunday service and Second Hour
• Group activities on the weekend
• Monthly large group events on topics relevant to young adults
• Volunteer opportunities in the Center’s ministries: ESL classes, after-school program, community clean-up days, PUMP summer program, and the Summer Basketball League Contact one of the Core leaders for more information.

What can I do if I have a heart to lead a new Catalyst Group?

Contact one of the Core leaders; we would love to talk to you about it. See the Contact section for our information.

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