Member Profile: Desmond Ling

New Year = New Goals

“Happy New Year, everyone! This is a look ahead to my goals for 2013.
Last year, my goals spelled the acronym “LEAD”. (Love, Energize, Action,
Develop) This year, my goals spell the word “TEAM”. The reason why I chose
the word “TEAM” is because I’m involved in many teams, whether it be
at church (Hospitality Team, Bike Team, SNL Core Team) or working with
a team of co-workers at work. The four goals of this year are Train, Exhort, Ask, and Manage.
Here is what each of them means:

There are two parts to this first goal of the year. The first is training others to achieve a higher
level in their abilities. This includes equipping others to become more knowledgeable (at
church and work) as well as training bike team members on cycling. The second part of the
goal is to train myself in discipline for consistency, especially in quiet time. In 2013, I’ve setup a
reading schedule to read the New Testament, the book of Psalms, and the book of Proverbs
in their entirety, and my goal is to consistently do this every day.

Based on my knowledge, I am looking to exhort and advise others in the new year. I need to
use what I have learned to encourage those around me and help them make good decisions.

Sometimes I want to do everything on my own strength, but in 2013, I need to ask others
and God for help. This goal is also two parts. The first is to ask others around me to take on
responsibilities, especially in areas of their strength. The second part of asking is always turning
to God for help through prayer. This goes in conjunction with Philippians 4:6 that states “Do not
be anxious about anything, in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present
your requests to God.”

I am acquiring an additional area of responsibility at church as the Fellowship Committee
Chair, and I may also picking up additional responsibility at work too. I plan to properly manage
these responsibilities by delegating and eventually stepping down from certain positions.
With these goals, I have my work cut out for me, and the only way I will be able to complete
them will be through the help of God. I look forward to the year ahead!”

*Desmond serves as the Hospitality Team Coordinator, SNL Catalyst Group Coordinator, Bike Team
Organizer, and a Catalyst Group Leader, as well as the new Fellowship Committee Chair.