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Second Hour Classes (Updated: 1/21/14):
If you want to learn and grow in your Christian faith we offer various classes for different areas of growth every quarter. Also, if you yearn to see people grow and are able to teach or would like to learn about teaching, let us know too.
*NOTE: Due to Labor Day weekend and other church events, all children’s classes at Vine or Spring campuses are cancelled for Sunday 9/1 only. The week after on Sunday 9/8 will be Promotion Sunday (see below).

Casket Empty

Casket Empty (starting: 1/19/14)
Have you ever wondered why the God of the Old Testament seems different than the God of the New Testament? Have you found portions of the Old Testament that just didn’t seem to make sense? Have you wondered, as a Christian, if you even need to care about the Old Testament? Based on Dr. Carol Kaminski’s CASKET EMPTY, we will see how the Old Testament reveals God’s plan of redemption and why it is crucial to our understanding of Jesus, especially in his death and resurrection.

The Gospel of John
(Taught by Dr. Timothy Hui, Vine Basement)
Apostle John wrote his Gospel to show that Jesus is both God and Messiah (Savior). He used only 7 miracles as signs in narratives. But he used long discourses to explain what those signs meant. Studying this book will help us deepen our appreciation of who Jesus Christ is.

(Taught by Pastor LT, Vine Conference Room)
Baptism is the next step in your spiritual journey if you have made the decision to follow Jesus Christ. It is simply an outward expression of your inner commitment to God. In addition to baptism, or if you have been baptized already, we would love to have you as a member of our church as well. Becoming a member simply means that you are ready to commit to partner with the CCCnC community and our mission and vision. If you have any questions about baptism, or are interested in becoming a member of CCCnC or want more information about the process and procedures, please look below or contact Pastor LT at

If you are interested, please contact Pastor LT at

About Membership Class
Becoming a member simply means you’re ready to commit yourself to the CCCNC community and its mission and vision. In this class we will help you understand the privileges of membership and introduce to you all the wonderful facts about CCCNC that you may have never realized before. The growth and community of CCCNC is not solely dependent upon its pastors but every single person contributing to its beauty and love.

All these areas are about connectedness. They are ways in which you can also experience growth and take part in helping our community grow in love and good deeds (Hebrews 10:24-25)
Our promise to you as the leadership of CCCNC is one of growth and development. You have our support to help you serve to the best of your abilities until we all reach fullness in Christ (Ephesians 4).

Are you interested in becoming a church member?
For more information, please contact Pastor LT ( or the ESM Administrative Assistant (

Children’s Class Schedule:
*NOTE: Due to Labor Day weekend and other church events, all children’s classes at Vine or Spring campuses are cancelled for Sunday 9/1 only.
Vine Campus Click here for maps/directions
1st hour (9:45-11am)
Room 05, Nursery (0-18 months)
*Note: Nursery facility available, but parents will need to provide own supervision
Room 06, Toddler (1-2 years old)
Room 03, Preschool (3-4 years old)
Room 04, Lower Primary (5’s, K-2)
Room 01, Upper Primary (3rd-6th)
2nd hour (11:15-12:15pm) Vine Campus
Nursery, Nursery (0-18 months)
Spring 209, 1st-2nd grades
Spring 212, 3rd-4th grades
Spring 211, 5th grade
Spring 210, 6th-7th grades
8th-10th grades: Location TBA
11th-12th grades: Location TBA

Spring Campus Click here for maps/directions
1st hour (9:45-11am)
Nursery, Nursery
Room 208, Toddlers
Room 209, 2’s-3’s
Room 213/214, PK & Kindergarten
Room 212, 1st-3rd grades
Room 212, 4th-6th grades
2nd hour (11:15-12:15pm) Spring Campus
Nursery, Nursery & Toddlers
Room 208, 2’s-3’s
Room 213/214, PK & Kindergarten
Room 209, 1st-2nd grades
Room 212, 3rd-4th grades
Room 211, 5th grade
Room 210, 6th-7th grades

Promotion Sunday (9/8): All children’s classes will be promoted to the next grade level on Sunday, September 8th at both Spring and Vine campuses. We also have a great need for teachers and helpers for the children and teens ministry. If you are a member of CCC&C and are interested, please contact Helen Hui for more information.

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