Ecclesiastes– Chapter 11

While you are young

9 You who are young, be happy while you are young,
and let your heart give you joy in the days of your youth.

God gives us youth and eld for a purpose. While we are young, we can do so many things. Countless nights can we stay up and not have to worry about fatigue. Endless hours exerting your muscles and not have to worry about you’re back giving out.  At a senior age, well, you’re limited to your physical capability but you have gained wisdom to preach.

10 out of 12 apostles whom spread the gospel across nations were said to be young, in their 20’s, before becoming martyrs.

While you are young, what are you going to do to glorify God? Use your vigorous capabilities and play 12 hours of gaming or perhaps seek out God’s mission set upon you? Maybe it is actually to play 12hrs of World of Warcraft. Who knows? Honestly what is the Holy Spirit preaching to you?