Job 3

Curse The Day

So, I am not sure what to make of Job 3. My response to this chapter is a question. Satan sets out to get Job to sin by cursing God. In the first two chapters of Job, Job is incredibly patient and does not succumb to Satan’s tricks. Job is behaving very differently in chapter 3 – he goes as far as to curse the day that he was born, and he wishes that he died at birth. So, my question is does this qualify as “charging God with wrongdoing”? (Job 1:22) – to wish you were dead because of the pain you are suffering? This might be a stretch, but here is what I am thinking. Now, of course, he is not directly cursing God, but he does curse his own birth. The Bible teaches us that we are all created by God in his image. So, if we curse something that God created, are we cursing God himself?

I guess Job’s reaction here is one that is extremely human. Although we are told how righteous Job is, he is still just a man, and after everything he has just been through – losing all of his possessions, losing his family, and now these weird sores – this reaction of being upset seems very normal to me. Now I cannot say that if I was in the same situation, I would go as far as cursing my own birth, but maybe the point of this chapter is to alert us to the reality of Satan and the tricks that me might use to get us to turn away from our God. When we’re facing serious heartache, I think that the temptation to be upset with God is very easy to capitulate to. So, with this in mind, we just have to be careful not fall for this trap.