Job 39

Animal kingdom

God continues His rhetorical questions to Job, using His creation. This way, Job would be able to relate to them. From mountain goats to horses to eagles in the sky, God asks Job if he knew the coming and going of the animals, the reason they act a certain way, and if they would heed Job’s command. Essentially, God was saying that He is in control, that he is omniscient and omnipotent. What is man’s wisdom or presumed wisdom compared to the Creator of our world?

Very often we try to find a reason for why bad things happen. Sure we may find causation in human error, or global warming, or malicious intents of evil people. But I believe God is trying to tell Job in this chapter that, we as humans may not and will not know all the answers, but He does. He watches over us, just as how He knows when the mountain goats give birth.  And He is omnipotent enough, just as how He is commands the wild ox, or the soaring eagle, to do as He pleases.

If God watches over the wild beasts, what more mankind, who were created in His image.