Job 40

What a behemoth is…

God continues to speak to Job and co. with a series of rhetorical questions that drive home the difference in magnitude between God and His audience. I found verse 8 to be interesting:

8 “Would you discredit my justice?
Would you condemn me to justify yourself?

I think we often have trouble seeing how we erred or why we are going through a given trial. We get lost in the “it couldn’t possibly be me” or “it’s not fair that…”  To divert the blame and focus away from us, we often justify ourselves by projecting our own faults and errors onto other people. When it comes to the difficult situations and the hard to explains, God is frequently at the short end of our projections.

In the case of Job, I wouldn’t say that Job was condemning God per se. But, Job was definitely trying to justify himself and all of his righteousness. In essence, he’s questioning God’s character and authority by emphasizing his own righteousness and relating that to his current situation.

But God makes it clear that God and man are on completely different levels. God talks about the “behemoth” in verses 15 through 24 emphasizing the strength and power of the creature with a final question to close the chapter:

24 Can anyone capture it by the eyes,
or trap it and pierce its nose?

God’s message: If Job can’t even capture or take on one of God’s own powerful creation, then don’t even attempt to take on God and question His authority.


What animal do you think the behemoth is referring to?

3 Responses so far.

  1. optimus says:

    some kinda monster? like a dinosaur?

  2. lady MAMA says:

    An ox?

  3. snlcatalystgroup says:

    hippo? elephant?