Job – Chapter 14

Life on Earth

In this chapter Job describes the life of a tree. It can grow in stories and bear many fruits. But if the roots and stump begins to decay, the appearance may look like a dead tree – lifeless. With the touch of water flowing to the roots, buds may appear and life of the tree is revived. Unlike a tree, man is different. If a man is dead and begins to decay deep into the soil, he cannot be raised again.

I think Job is describing that life is short and full of suffering.    Depressing as it may sound, I think he wish his life to end so that he will not bear God’s judgment on sin. It’s just too much to bear for Job. He feels if he dies then he can be in an eternal relationship with God and not have to pay the penalty of his sins.

I have my two views on this.

I commend Job’s faith in God. He truly believes in life after death. We proclaim ourselves as Christians (we are saved through Christ Jesus, and have been rewarded with the Holy Spirit and eternal life in heaven) but many of us hold onto our lives and do not wish to die.  Death is scary. We’re saved but yet we’re still frightened.

My second view is I feel Job is trying to cut corners. “Oh, I’ll just die right now and not go through this suffering.” Sure, he may not know the true meaning behind his suffering and the depth of his pain is imaginable but he has forgotten his righteous suffering only draws him one step closer to God.

I think many of us don’t enjoy feeling miserable or simply do not know if “my” suffering is God’s trials to bring us closer to Him. Do you remember the time God has broken you down? When there is no one else to turn to, you have no one else but God himself. It’s a beautiful story. “To die, is to gain.”