Job – Chapter 25

Chapter 24 thoughts

Job expresses an important thought in this passage. He speaks of the idea that the wicked prospers at the expense of the downtrodden. They get away with it for the time being, but God’s eye is still upon them. They will not escape justice for their wickedness–their oppression of the poor, the adultery, the murder. They will be brought low in the end.

He speaks of how the downtrodden are deprived of necessities such as water and clothes and the failing of the wicked to help their fellow man, in fact they act to keep the downtrodden down!

Job is saying that bad things happen to the downtrodden; bad things WILL happen to the wicked. He doesn’t mention the righteous (of which he is included in). I wonder what he has to say about the righteous, in God’s judgment, shall he reward them?

Chapter 25

Bildad calls mortals to be insignificant in relation to God. God is all-powerful and is on an infinite order of magnitude greater than that of mortals. Is there anything particularly wrong with this statement? I do not disagree.

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