Job – Chapter 33

Formed Like Clay

So, similar to Job’s other friends, it does sounds like Elihu is saying that Job has done something wrong. I like how Elihu tries to humble Job a little bit though. Job is pretty secure in his righteousness, which I am extremely curios about, but in verse 6 Elihu says:
6 I am the same as you in God’s sight;
I too am a piece of clay.

I know that we are told how righteous Job is, but it seems a little dangerous to have this as your self perception. In many of these chapters in Job, it kind of feels like Job is implying that he has never done anything wrong. He is extremely secure in his perceived righteousness. Therefore, he doesn’t deserve to be disciplined/punished. I think that Elihu sensed this a little, and responded by saying how he and Job are the same in God’s sight. I think that he is trying to instill a little humility in Job. I am really drawn to this clay imagery. It conveys how God can expose us to certain people or experiences, regardless of whether or not we deserve it, in order to form us into what he wants us to be.

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  1. snlcatalystgroup says:

    I do like the part where he said that he too believed that he is the same as Job in God’s sight and that he too was a piece of clay. He even followed up by saying that he is not there to lay a heavy hand on Job. In fact, was willing to learn from Job if Job could offer some sort of explanation.