Proverbs 8


Wisdom From this passage, wisdom is:

  • Not elusive (v1-4)
  • Speaks what is just, trustworthy, and right (v6-8)
  • Gives richness and is worth more than precious metals and stones (v10-11, 18-19, 21)
  • Is associated with prudence, knowledge and discretion (v12)
  • Hates evil, pride, arrogance, and perverse speech (v13)
  • Is associated with counsel, sound judegment, insight and power (v14)
  • Needed for ruling well (v15-16)
  • Reciprocal in love and those who seek it (v17)
  • Crucial in forming the world and existed prior to it (v22-29)
  • Listening to God is wise (v32-33)
  • Blessing and life to those who embrace wisdom but death to those who do not (v32-36)


What is wisdom to you? Does it mean anything to you? How do you go about acquiring it?