Psalm – Chapter 17

David’s Prayer

A quick breakdown to David’s prayer

Verse 1-2

  1. My plea is just: different version uses “right, righteous & justice”
  2. Listen to my cry: David is desperate to call on God
  3. David claims his prayer does not utter deceitful words.
  4. All judgment should only come from God

Verse 3-5

  1. David knows God will search his heart and he is for sure God will not find any evil intention in him.
  2. People tempted David but with no avail, he did not stumble

Verse 6-9

  1. David asked for God to answer his prayer.
  2. He ask God for his love, protect him under His arms to those may harm him.

Verse 10-12

  1. His enemies hearts are harden and speak with self-importance.
  2. The enemies set out to harm David

Verse 13-14

  1. David asked God to put down those may harm David & protect him.

Verse 15

  1. For sure, David says he just and he will see God one day.
  2. And all he wants, with satisfaction is just to see anything with God’s resemblance.