This passage talks about how Israel rejected God, rebelled against Him, and it ultimately led to their punishment.  God let them do what they want, let them worship false idols and give them their consequences for their actions.  However God did not forget them when they cried out with repentant hearts.  God delivered them and redeemed them.  That is what makes God worthy of everything.

43 Many times he delivered them,

but they were bent on rebellion
and they wasted away in their sin.
44 Yet he took note of their distress
when he heard their cry;
45 for their sake he remembered his covenant
and out of his great love he relented.
46 He caused all who held them captive
to show them mercy.

47 Save us, LORD our God,
and gather us from the nations,
that we may give thanks to your holy name
and glory in your praise.

48 Praise be to the LORD, the God of Israel,
from everlasting to everlasting.

Let all the people say, “Amen!”

Praise the LORD.