Psalm 138

Embolden Me!

Verse 3 caught my eyes…

3 When I called, you answered me;
you greatly emboldened me.

In this Psalm praise, this one verse stuck out.
It’s a reminder that when we call on God and He answers we are able to be bold.

Something all of us have faced in life is fear.  It can be fear because we face the dentist, a test, the unknown….or one of the many other things we face in life.  But what can allow us to face these fears boldly?

I think for me there are 2 things…..the ability to get rid of the unknown of how things will turn out……or to face the fear with someone I trust.

You know what? God is able to do both these things?
He has told us that even though we face many things that will cause us to suffer, because He loves us, our future is secure in Him.
And who better to join me in facing these troubles than God?  I mean… a kid, a parent holding our hands through tough times can help…..but having God with us…..that’s infinitely better than any human.