Psalm 55

Our God Reigns

This passage reflects the state of my own heart really well.

Verse 1-5 talk about a person crying out to God to save them from evil oppression.  Right now in my own heart I am thinking the same.

1 Listen to my prayer, O God,
do not ignore my plea;
2 hear me and answer me.
My thoughts trouble me and I am distraught
3 because of what my enemy is saying,
because of the threats of the wicked;
for they bring down suffering on me
and assail me in their anger.

4 My heart is in anguish within me;
the terrors of death have fallen on me.
5 Fear and trembling have beset me;
horror has overwhelmed me.

And our God is not a false God, He answers us.  Our cries do not fall on deaf ears like the idols made of wood and stone.

16 As for me, I call to God,
and the LORD saves me.
17 Evening, morning and noon
I cry out in distress,
and he hears my voice.
18 He rescues me unharmed
from the battle waged against me,
even though many oppose me.

This is an extremely reassuring chapter in Psalms.  It is just what I needed.  I feel a lot of insecurity in my workplace.  And I am sure a lot of people do too.  But God cares for us, so cast your burdens on Him.

22 Cast your cares on the LORD
and he will sustain you;
he will never let
the righteous be shaken….

But as for me, I trust in you.