Psalm 78 v 31-72

I am an Israelite

This chapter talks about the nation of Israel. The Psalmist talks about the rebelliousness, the stubborness, and how easy it was for Israel to forget all that God had done for them. Not only that, they even tested God, while God was providing for them, often with miracles that cannot be explained. Despite protecting them from the pursuing Egyptians, despite providing food and water for them in the desert, they were still faithless, doubting God. These were God’s chosen people, through a covenant made with Abraham. A covenant that their generations will be as numerous as the stars, but they failed to see that time after time. To add injury to salt, they even made idols to worship!

When I was a little younger, I read the stories of the old testament and I often wondered to myself how foolish and faithless can this nation be. But when I think about it more, we are actually not that much off from them. I do feel that sometimes we are history repeating itself. True, we may not have locust flying around us, or the red sea parting for us, but if we truly believe what had transpired, if we can mock the Israelites for being so dense, we therefore have not a single ounce of reason given the advantage of hindsight.

We are the extension of God’s chosen people after the coming of Christ. We are therfore now recipients of God’s love and grace, if only we believe and trust and love God.

So ask yourself:

-Do you still doubt God’s providence? What are you worrying about?

-Do you complain as the Israelites did when God had provided for them in so many more ways?

-Do you rebel when God gives/gave His command to you? Like Jonah, like the Israelites, like Moses?

-Do you worship other idols? Anything that displaces God from his rightful place. Personal material possessions, family, career, popularity, romance?

-Are you closer to the Israelites than you would have thought?