October Large Group: Spiritual Gifts Part II: Finding Your Cause

Friday, 10/8 [Dinner: 6:30pm | Program: 7:30pm] We are continuing part two of Discerning your Spiritual Gifts: Finding Your Cause. Previously we discerned everyone have at least one spiritual gift(s). From the scriptures 1 Corinthians 12:27-31, Donny broken it down two main categories; gifts in works (miracles, healing, admin, helping one another) or gifts in speaking (apostles, prophets, interpreting, teachers). Which one are you? To find out we had a spiritual gift survey [click here]. Now the question remains. What do you do with your spiritual gift? Find out as we continue to explore together in “Discerning your Spiritual Gifts part II: Finding Your Cause”.  As usual email Gene [gene158@gmail.com] your dinner from: [Banana Leaf] or [Ting Wong]