Bike MS: City => Shore & Back 2012

“This weekend’s ride was also a good reminder that God is always in control and is there to take care of me. Let me recap:

Out of anyone on the team, I would say that I was probably the one that struggled the most over the course of the two-day ride. Since I am the team captain, I feel like I’m always responsible to be the best. I know I’m no the fastest or strongest rider, but I shouldn’t have any problems, right? The truth of the matter is, I have my issues and bad days, and sometimes, it’s hard to swallow, especially when I am struggling at a ride. When I struggled, I had other team members come to support me, just like how I also support my team members. It was a reminder to me that we are a TEAM, and we are all here to work together. God reminded me of teamwork, and that we are all here for each other.

Sunday’s bike accident could have been A LOT worse. My bike front wheel hit the side of one of my teammate’s back wheel, causing me to fall. Then, my back wheel skid out sideways to the left, causing another cyclist to also fall. thankfully, there were no cars coming. The total damage of the accident: two bruised knees, one bruised elbow (and ripped arm warmer or long-sleeved shirt), a broken spoke, a flat tire, a bent handlebar, and a twisted large gear on the de-railer. It definitely could have been much worse. Because I had cramped up the day before (since it was cold out), I decided to start the ride wearing windpants. Riding with windpants can be unconventional because it can make pedaling more difficult, but I did it anyway. …And I’m glad I did because my windpants took the brunt of the impact when I fell, instead of my knees, so I was only bruised up and scraped up a little.

As much as it was rough for me that weekend, I was still able to overall enjoy the ride. I didn’t have much to prove on this ride, since I rode two days last year, so at this point, it was more about the purpose of the ride and teammates (while also trying to stay healthy).

I’m already looking forward to next year’s ride (i know; it’s 362 days away). It will be my fourth year, and hopefully, I, personally, will have a better ride. More importantly, though, is making sure the rest of my teammates do well, especially the rookies. I look forward to bringing new people on board and helping them get through this ride too!”-Desmond Ling

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