Two ways you can give this season. We have a good neighbor fund to anonymously care for individuals or families in need. We also support missions agencies and missionaries to carry out the work of the gospel locally and abroad. You can designate your check or via an offering envelope what you want to intentionally support during this season in addition to your general offering.

Giving Update:
The Advent Season is a wonderful time to prepare our hearts for the coming of the birth of Christ. For the Finance Committee, it is also a time to prepare to close the financial books for this year. At the end of October, the church was maintaining a small surplus. However, we have seen a few weeks of below average offerings. Hopefully, this trend does not continue or it is likely that we will end the year with a deficit. The Finance Committee encourages all members to budget your giving throughout the year and to give on a more regular schedule. this will help the church maintain its ability to pay bills on time and better plan for church activities.

Year-to-date offering (beginning of they ear through Nov. 18, 2012)
Budgeted target: $767,580 or $17,445/week
Actual offering: $622,491 or $13,244/week

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