The Blessing Tree

This year, the blessing tree challenges you to say, “I pledge to…”
In an effort to make a difference this Advent season, we have come up with some concrete ways to do just that.
Currently on the tree in the sanctuary, there are several pre-written pledges, ranging from prayer items to actual acts of kindness. Suggestions for other types of pledges are also welcome. So, if you have a suggestion for a pledge, please fill out one of the blank green pledge cards and place it on the hospitality table.

How The Blessing Tree Works:
1. Browse the pledge cards on the tree and choose a pledge that inspires you. Take that pledge card and keep it with you during these next four weeks. After that, keep it in your Bible, or somewhere where you will see it every day, as a reminder throughout this time.
2. Think about how you can fulfill that pledge and practice that throughout this advent season. Keep this pledge card for yourself, but also feel free to share what you choose with others as a form of accountability.
3. You can then replace that pledge care with an ornament from the table next to the tree. Please write on the ornament a way that you have been blessed this year. Other things to write on the ornaments may also include words of encouragement for someone in our congregation, a verse that’s important to you, or even a prayer request. Please know that you can write out as many ornaments as you desire to share.

At the end of this Advent season, our hope is that all of the pledge cards will no longer be on the tree and will be replaced with encouraging ornaments. We also hope that you’ll be putting into those pledges into practice! Keep checking back each week for new ‘pledges’ through this joyous time. Some ‘pledges’ will be making repeat appearances on the tree, so if someone got a pledge card that you would like to have as well, you’ll have plenty of chances to find it a duplicate on the blessing tree. So, get to pledging!

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