Annual Congregation Meeting 2012

For Members Only:
Date: Sunday, November 11th 2012 | After Sunday Worship Service of each language ministry (3 segments) | Agenda item: Election of Lay Elders, Board of Deacons, and Board of Stewards

The Annual Congregation Meeting of CCCnC will be held on Sunday, November 11th 2012. The Meeting will be conducted in three segments after the Sunday Worship service to each language ministry. The principal agenda item is the election of Lay Elders, members for the Board of Deacons, and members for the Board of Stewards.

The Bylaws call for this year the election of:
1. Chair of the Board of Deacons
2. Chair of the Christian Education Committee
3. Chair of the Community Outreach Committee
4. Secretary of the Church
5. Chair of the Human resources Committee
*Note: The Staff Support Committee is renamed the Human Resources Committee.

The Candidates are:
Peter Li for Chair of the Board of Deacons
Helen Hui for Chair of the Christian Education Committee
Emily Au for the Chair of Community Outreach Committee
Paul Ho for the secretary of the Church Council
Paul Ho also for the Chair of the Human Resources Committee

The transition plan, as established by the Church Council, calls for making a 1-year appointment to:
1. Chair of the Evangelism and Missions Committee
2. Chair of the Fellowship Committee
3. Chair of the Youth Ministry Committee
4. Treasurer
5. Chair of the Building Committee
6. Chair of the Information Technology Committee

The individuals being recruited are mostly current and former Council members who had served in those roles. The recruiting efforts continue and the names will be announced when all posts are filled. The plan postpones the establishment of the Safety and Security Committee until 2014.

Under the Bylaws the process of election of Lay Elders begins with brothers being trained. The training will take a period of time. The Council had reviewed the names of brothers who will be invited to the training. However, none will have completed the training so as to be able to stand for election by the Annual Congregational Meeting on November 11,2012. Therefore, the Council is considering brothers who have formal seminary training to serve as provisional Lay Elders.
The Candidate is:
Rev. Timonthy Hui