New Church Structure

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
In September, the Church Council will present, for your consideration, a new church leadership structure. The Council has been working on this for nearly three years. The basic components are as follows:

1. Three new boards will be created. They are the Board of Elders, Board of Deacons, and Board of Stewards.
2. The Board of Elders will consist of ordained pastors of CCCnC and lay elders elected by you. They will oversee the spiritual welfare and public worship of the church.
3. The Board of Deacons will lead and coordinate ministries, such as Christian Education, Community Outreach, Evangelism and Mission, Fellowship, and Youth Ministry. The Deacons will also be elected by you.
4. The Board of Stewards will oversee and safe-keep the resources that are entrusted to us. They will also act to meet the legal requirements imposed by federal, state, and local governments. Included in this Board will be the Treasurer and Secretary of the corporation (the legal status of CCCnC) and chairpersons of the Building, HR, and IT Committees. They will also be elected by you.
5. The representatives of these three boards will form the new Church Council for coordination and oversight.
6. The Lay Elders will be ordained for life, but as with every Deacon and Steward, they will also serve active terms of limited duration.

In order to accomplish this change, the Council has prepared a new set of Bylaws. The Council has consulted with the leaders of the language ministries and made revisions where appropriate. This will also necessitate the revision of some of the articles of the Church Constitution. Copies of the proposed Bylaws and the Constitution with proposed changes are available for you. Please see the pastors, Timothy Hui, and/or Simon Tam.

Please also commit this matter to your prayer. Thank you.