January Large Group (Speaker: Perry An)

January 18, 2013 • 6:30pm Dinner, 7:30 Program • Vine Campus | As always, we would love your feedback!

Happy New Year! Any resolutions yet for 2013? How about making our relationship with Christ more evident in our lives?
We are fortunate enough to reschedule Perry An to speak with us at large group. Perry is a father of three, an engineer at Lockheed Martin, and a member of the Nav. team at church. We can probably learn a thing or two about where our priorities should be and even see how SnL fits in, so we invite you to come to the large group event on Jan 18th.

Besides, have you wondered how can some people juggle between 50 gazillion things and not be burnt out? What is this mystical power that they have? Or why are they doing so much? Or…why are they even doing the things they do in the first place? Find out!

Please let Shawn know if you have any questions.

Contact Shawn Zhou: shawn (dot) zxz (at) gmail (dot) com