SNL December Large Group: God’s Vision for the Cross

December 6, 2013 • 6:30pm Dinner, 7:30 Program | Vine Campus | God’s Vision for the Cross!

God’s Vision for the Cross
12.6.13 – Friday
Vine Campus Sanctuary
6:30pm Dinner | 7:15pm Program | 9:00pm Social

Roman crucifixion was explicitly designed to bring ultimate shame and death upon its victims.
We crucified Jesus, the very God who had incarnated himself as a tender expression of His
love and compassion to be with us. However, Jesus conquered death through His
resurrection. The crucifixion reveals a God who is willing to be vulnerable,
who chooses to bear the pain of shame and rejection.

Join us on December 6th as we worship HIM through praises, videos, &
testimonies as an expression of gratitude for what HE has done.

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