SNL January Large Group: Cross vs Culture

January 10, 2014 • 6:30pm Dinner, 7:30 Program | Vine Campus | Cross vs Culture!

Cross vs Culture
1.10.14 – Friday
Vine Campus Sanctuary
6:30pm Fellowship Dinner (BYO) | 7:30pm Program

Culture is the collection of ingredients and structures that define how a group of people live.
While the mass abundance of group creations, art, diversity, innovation etc are all both beautiful and wonderful, we, as ambassadors of Christ, are called to be in the world but also not of the world.
We often forget what it means to not be of the world and forget who we really are.

Join us this Friday, January 10th as we reexamine our hearts and see where
that trail really leads-the finest things culture has to offer or the Cross.

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