Welcome to 2013!

Dear Family,
Welcome to 2013! I want to take the opportunity here to say thanks for loving and caring
for me as well as many of our brothers and sisters in this church body this past year. I am
blessed to serve here and thankful for the way in which CCCnC is continuing to be a
faithful witness to the power and truth of the Gospel.
Hebrews 11 tells the stories of faithful men and women who have gone before us, and
God continues to write His story through the faithful men and women of CCCnC:
By faith, the brothers and sisters of this congregation strived to live out the ways of Jesus
through various expressions in their homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, and everywhere
they went.
By faith, they trusted that God could use them.
By faith, they sought to make disciples of Jesus Christ.
By faith, some traveled to Alaska and Texas to make more disciples and encouraged
the churches there.
By faith, some rode a bike to rid the world of multiple sclerosis
By faith, 19 were baptized over Easter and Thanksgiving weekends.
By faith, 6 covenanted with us to build up our church body in this community.
By faith, many are now engaged in discipleship relationships.
By faith, Tabitha Lee pursued God’s call to serve as a Campus Crusade staff worker.
By faith, some are discovering how to pursue justice and mercy more intentionally.
By faith, many gave sacrificially and faithfully of their money and time knowing that
by faith anything that we have been a part of in 2012 has only come by God’s grace
working in us.
It would be impossible to chronicle all the simple, subtle, and compassionate acts of
faith; many of which happened in secret.
By faith, the brothers and sisters of this congregation have loved when it has been easy
and have loved when it was hard.
By faith, they celebrated new life and grieved the passing of some.
By faith, they have given out of abundance and given out of a little, not expecting
anything in return.
By faith, they generously shared many meals with strangers and friends alike
By faith, we will enter in 2013 and beyond, knowing that God will be faithful to finish the
work that He started in this community, and in each of our lives, as we seek to follow Jesus
and be a blessing wherever He sends us.

Here are a few questions to ponder, journal and consider for the next few weeks:
– How has God been faithful in 2012?
– What in 2012 do you need to let go of?
– What do I need to trust God with in 2013?
Also thank you for your faithfulness in giving and participating in our blessing tree this
year. Looking forward to seeing and hearing what else God will do in our midst soon.

Grace and Peace,
Pastor LT