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Joy (Junior & Senior High School)
Description: The Joy Fellowship is the youth group of CCCnC, consisting of middle/high school students (7th-12th grades). Despite the wide age gap, these youths love each other dearly and call themselves true family in Christ. At our meetings on the 1st/3rd Saturdays, you’ll find these passionate and fun-loving youths jumping up and down praising God, playing hilarious large group games, pondering tough questions as they figure out how to apply His Word to their lives, praying for
the city as they walk through different parts of
Philadelphia, washing each others’ feet as a way of
initiating newcomers, and more.
Meetings: Bi-Weekly on Saturdays @ Spring Campus
(10th and Spring St) Click here for maps/directions
Website: cccncjoyfellowship.googlepages.com
Contact: Wayne Lee at wayne.lee@cccnc.org

Living Water

Living Water (College): One Drop Many Ripples
Description: Living Water Christian Fellowship is the college ministry of CCCnC located in Chinatown and serving Penn for more than 20 years. We’re passionate about developing spiritually mature men and women committed to living out their God-given mission in life. Rides Available to CCCnC on Sundays: 8:45am at Upper Quad. Website: livingwatercf.wordpress.com Contact: Wayne Lee at wayne.lee@cccnc.org


Parakaleo-Covenant Groups (Families)
Quarterly gatherings for families via potluck dinners, featured speakers on relevant topics or fun outings. Join other families from our congregation to wrestle over topics of marriage, childcare, and much much more.
Warden Hwan
Eleanor Hwan

Click here for other fellowship groups within our church.

The Center Ministry (Update: The Center Ministry’s Winter Program has started! If you have any questions or are interested in helping out, please contact Harry Leong at hl_cccc@yahoo.com or see our Opportunities page)The Center’s primary objective is to provide outreach programs according to the needs of the community, in keeping with and as a witness to our call as Christians to reach out in Christ’s name to our neighbors. In the spirit of Christian love and concern, the Center programs seek to bring Christ into the community, working with and ministering holistically to people.

The Center ministry is diverse, offering such programs as English as a Second Language,, kindergarten, youth work, summer outdoor activities, playground outreach, tutoring, and much more. In addition to a full weekly programs and individual caring services for all ages, the Center staff actively shares in the lives of our neighbors and works to develop and rebuild Chinatown.

Through our outreach programs we instill a sense of Christian ethics and values as a witness in the community. If you have any questions or are interested in becoming involved in the Center Ministry, please contact the Center Director, Harry Leong, or our Church Office.

“February Center Update” by Harry Leong
Pre-k & Kindergarten (M-F 8:30-3pm): Many of the young ones in our program are learning to sing about Jesus’ love for them. They recently performed the Christmas Story play. On a daily basis our faithful staff seek to set a Christ-like example. Pray for hearts that may one day grow tender to the Gospel.

After School Program (M-Thurs 3-5:30pm): In the Center we often hear, “What do you do with the kids when they are out of school?” Our ASP offers a safe, clean, and caring environment for 35 school-aged children to complete their school assignments, eat snacks, and participate in a variety of cooking and recreational activities. Currently there are 25 students enrolled within the program ranging from grades 1st-7th. Pray for our tutors and children. May they truly come to know Christ.

Playground (Daily Hours, most out-of-school hours): Our Summer & Year-long playground activities continue to provide a safe play place for our youth. Our summer basketball league brings in over 300 participants for organized games. The atmosphere is quite different from other leagues & playgrounds. Fellowship is a major part of what we do. Each clear day during the academic year, high school students wait expectantly for the Playground to open. Our oasis in the desert has been a great enclave for the youth. This year we have collaborated with the Asian Arts Initiative & Mural Arts Program to put up a mural on a wall adjacent to our Playground. It’s titled “Peaceable Kingdom,” based on Isaiah 11:6-9. Pray for continued safety and harmony among those who use the facilities.

Philadelphia Urban Missions “PUMP” Camp blessings: This year we had a “younger” than normal staff (the youngest being 13). We put God first by focusing on prayer at the beginning & the end of the day. The theme, “One Way,” challenged & encouraged us to live for Jesus only. The relationships established at the camp have brought at about 10 campers to our high school fellowship, Joy, & to Sunday service. Please pray for the seeds of the Gospel to continue to grow in the hearts of those who participated.

Youth ESL and SAT-prep: “So what does the Bible say about homosexuals?” This was asked while driving home after our closing Christmas program. I answered that it’s a sin like others and that it’s an area of struggle even in the church. This was just one of many dialogues that I’ve had with teens. It’s through these relationships built on trust that Christ has been allowed to enter our conversations. Pray for the teens to know the love & acceptance of our heavenly Father and His desire for them to live for Him.

Adult ESL (M, Th 6-8pm): The Cantonese-speaking outreach continues to draw many looking to learn English and to learn about Christian fellowship. Pray for the harvest and the continual need for more workers.

Community Ministry: Our work within community organizations provides us many opportunities to make a difference for Christ. When we are leading in the community, it makes an impact on how the Gospel is heard. The PCDC has faithfully cared for the development of Chinatown as a vibrant business & residential community. This year PCDC accomplished many things: a new plaza, sidewalk & lighting improvements, and obtaining the approval by the City to develop a community center. The Suns have been a tremendous partner in outreach. The Center continues to use the Suns’ van for Sunday pickups at Penn, driving students home after our programs, and occasional trips for our youth. Chinatown Town-Watch has connected our church with the local 6th District Police Station. Our rapport with the police has been a good one, police have patrolled our 11th & Vine campus and have responded well to various needs of the community. They in-turn have contacted us for some areas they need assistance in. Pray that many more would know the immeasurable hope found in Jesus.

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