Missionary Update: Tabitha Lee

Hi! My name is Tabitha, for those of you who don’t know me, and I am a recent graduate of Penn State University. During my time in college, I was involved with a fellowship which was part of Campus Crusade for Christ’s (Cru) Epic Movement. The Epic Movement is the Asian-American campus ministry of Cru. Currently, I am serving as a campus ministry staff intern in Penn State’s Epic Movement.

I’m very blessed to have many people praying for my ministry including members at CCCnC like you. God truly has perfect timing in terms of His plan for each of our lives. This year, I have been given the opportunity to lead a small group Bible study for an awesome group of girls, which includes some sophomore girls and all of the freshmen girls. this group of girls is a mixed group in that half of them are Christians and less than half of them are non-Christians. So, it has been a challenge in trying to balance the Bible study for both Christians and non-Christians to learn and grow in their relationship with the Lord. Despite the challenges I have faced, I have enjoyed working with these students and helping them grow as they continue to walk with God.

I have also been trying to reach out to the Asian and Asian-American students on the campus with the Gospel. Several of the students with whom I have been able to interact and talk are international students from China. At times, it has been difficult to be able to share the Gospel with them due to their resistant nature and hardened hearts. However, I hope that my conversations with these students will gradually lead them to come to Christ. Please pray with me for the 43,000 Penn State students to soften their hearts and open their minds to the Gospel and a relationship with God. Also, please pray for the Christian students on campus to gain a desire to share their faith with others. Thanks again for all of your prayers for my ministry!