Summer Letter From LT

Dear Church,

What gets you up in the morning? Other than your alarm clock, for most people, “work” would be the common answer. More important than ‘what’ is ‘why’ though. It would be good practice to take time every now and then to ask, “Why am I doing what I’m doing?”

Recently, The New York Times featured a post on worklife to answer that question and highlights purpose as a uniquely powerful source of fuel and satisfaction. They asked these penetrating questions: How clear are you about your own purpose? How enthusiastic are you to get to work in the morning? How intentional are you about making what you do matter?

Those are great questions for us as believers to consider. There are many things we can do but we have to get back to the question of why. Christ ought to become the single driving force behind everything you do and say. God shows us through Christ that our lives have greater meaning and significance. People are created in God’s image, but have lost that glorious image and life he intended us to have. Much of our lives are reduced to meaningless pursuits. The good news is that Christ restores that glory.

With Christ, you can wake up to take care of screaming kids all day long, go to organic chemistry class, flip burgers, or perform brain surgery because there’s eternal significance. Whether we succeed or fail, we do it as unto Christ and join him in renewal of all things. The church is a gathering of mission-driven people and sharing the good news of Christ so that people can live out the glorious life God has always intended.

We’re entering into an exciting new season full of opportunities that should change the way you get up in the morning. Every weekend this month you can join God’s work in this community. He is on the move and he is pursuing our hearts. He’s given us every blessing in Christ and equipped us for every good work. Let us remember God’s faithfulness to us and reflect on why CCCnC exists in the first place. I pray that the Holy Spirit would be your alarm clock and that the cross of Christ would guide you in every step. I am grateful to be on this journey with you and anticipate God moving in new and fresh ways this season.

So, why are you doing what you’re doing today?
Pastor LT