Alpha Pregnancy Services

As a women’s small group, we’ve always wondered what our roles are in the church and community. After reading John MacArthur’s “God’s High Calling for Women,” we realized that God created equally important roles for women. While reading the book, we had strong inclinations to serve the women in Philadelphia and that’s where Alpha Pregnancy Services arose. Since last May, we’ve been volunteering at Alpha, a Christian outreach to those in physical, social, and spiritual need during and after pregnancy.

How has Christ used us to impact Alpha?
As a social worker, I understand the impact that faithful volunteers have on an agency. Christ has used use to provide encouragement and support to the staff at Alpha, doing many things that they would otherwise not have the time or energy to do.

How has Alpha impacted us?
Alpha has made such a positive and enriching impact on all of us. What started out as a few hours together every month with the people at Alpha has now blossomed into a very rich relationship that will last a lifetime.

Lillie: I have been so encouraged by watching the staff at Alpha reach out to young pregnant women who would otherwise just become statistics. The young ladies are treated with respect, dignity, and love, as children of God and given every avenue to help.

Why do we continue to service at Alpha?
We believe in what they do for the community. Volunteering here has made our faith stronger as we see that God has continuously blessed this organization with donations/workers/volunteers to stay afloat after all these years. Alpha has been instrumental in assisting pregnant women, who don’t have anyone else. We want to continue to see God’s work through this organization.

Nancy: Even if it’s something “small” like folding and sorting clothes, we continue to help Alpha help these women, as they use clothing and other services to not only draw and help their clients, but also use that opportunity to share the Gospel with them.

Megan: When I first volunteered at Alpha, I heard Matennah’s story and seeing how God is using Alpha to show His love for people makes me want to go back and help them!

How can YOU help?
Alpha’s maternity wear is diminishing and their supplier can no longer provide them with maternity clothing, which is why we are starting a maternity clothing drive. We are asking for new or slightly worn clothing in sizes S – XXL. Although we are focused on clothing only, if you wish to make a financial donation or have any other questions, please contact Nancy at

A donation box will be in the fellowship hall beginning on March 10th.