Youth ESL/SAT-prep Program: Teachers, Helpers, and Drivers

Center Ministry Youth ESL/SAT-prep program Teachers, Helpers, and Drivers | Wed evenings 6:30-8pm starting 9/26/12 | Contact Jamina: |
The Center offers an SAT-Prep and ESL program for the youth in the community that is offered on Wednesday evenings, running from 6:30pm to 8pm. The program officially begins on September 26th and is looking for teachers, helpers, and drivers to help with the 80+ students, from all around the city. They come to our church because they feel the need to improve their futures, and as the teachers and drivers address this need, we also have the opportunity to build relationships with teenagers and show them the love of Jesus. Help us to show the love of Jesus to students from all around the city.

No experience is necessary! If you have any questions, please ask any of the previous teachers or email Jamina at We will start at the end of September!

“I got so much more hip after getting to know my students! Teaching SAT class is so ‘decent’ and ‘bangin’.” – Olivia Chuang
“After talking to you about the different business majors, yeah I don’t think I want to do Accounting but I am interested in Finance.”
– from one of my kids: Sonny Wu
“My gregarious students have made me realize that tyrannizing them does not command attention and respect; instead, it is my erudition and experience that they find worthy of veneration.” – Olivia Chuang